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Ambrozia is life, life is Ambrozia.
Ambrozia is the first aperitif made of honey.
Enjoy it and let yourself be carried away!


Ambrozia is divine.
Its majestic name comes from the distant past of the Greek gods.
Rulers drank honey drink and believed that they would be immortal.
It gave them strength, courage, wisdom and beauty. Already in Ancient Greece
people discovered a magical energy from Ambrozia.

Nowadays Ambrozia comes from the workshop of skilled master Peter Kudláč, the owner of Apimed meadary.

Peter Kudláč

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Meticulous choice of honey from the Slovak meadows and resourceful combination of medicinal herbs is a guaranty, that Ambrozia aperitif will be the right choice for you.

Delicate honey aperitif maturated for several weeks with brilliant combination of herbs, spices and citrus fruits. All these components contained in individual species of Ambrozia highlight its dominant flavor, honey undertone however remains still intact.

Ambrozia is by its delicate flavor, magical power of herbs and low content of alcohol (13.5%) destined to be the best companion for rare life moments with your loved ones and the perfect girlfriend at any time.


Delicious taste of honey and delicate
bitter herbs form
the perfect harmony
of this exceptional beverage.

Serve as an aperitif
chilled to 8-12 ° C

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Ambrozia Original

18 species of
herbs and spices
give the drink
a unique flavor
and odor.


Refreshing taste of citrus fruits
with the magical power of herbs
hides an unforgettable
experience in each drop
of this magical drink.

Serve as an aperitif
chilled to 8-12 ° C

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Ambrozia Citrus

Refreshing citrus in the drink
reigns over the
magical power of herbs
and the bitter-sweetness of honey.


The heady sweetness of honey
with a slightly spicy
hint of ginger caresses
the body and soul of also
the most demanding gourmet.

Serve as an aperitif
chilled to 8-12 ° C

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Ambrozia Ginger

A slightly spicy
ginger gives the drink
its excellent heady
sweetness of honey.


Great Taste 2017

Zlatá hviezda
Ambrozia Original
medzinárodná gastronomická súťaž Great Taste 2017, GILLINGHAM – LONDON, UK

Zlatá Salima 2018

Zlatá Salima 2018

Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2017

Strieborná medaila
Ambrozia Ginger
medzinárodná súťaž Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2018, NEW YORK, US

Finger Lakes International Wine Competition2017

Bronzová medaila
Ambrozia Original
medzinárodná súťaž Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2018, NEW YORK, US

World Star

World Star
celosvetová obalová súťaž, 2018, SYDNEY, AUSTRÁLIA

Obal roku 2017

Obal roku
medzinárodná obalová súťaž 2017, PRAHA, ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA

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